Why Everyone Is Talking About Bergen

Clare Louise August 16, 2018

Everyone is just getting fascinated by Bergen, but why? Undoubtedly, Norway is a great place to visit. Your journey should ideally start from Oslo and end at Bergen. If you are someone who is getting obsessed with the idea of visiting Bergen after seeing some breathtaking pictures on Instagram, then do not blame Instagram, you […]


The Best Ways to Experience Tropical Paradise in Buckhead

Clare Louise July 19, 2018

What is your idea of a tropical paradise? I guess, for many of you, it would be all about being at the beach, basking under the heat of the sun, or swimming in the pristine waters of the sea. However, even in the city, such as in Buckhead in Atlanta, it will be possible for […]


Backpacking in Sri Lanka – All You Need to Know

admin November 17, 2017

When you think of ultimate holiday destinations to visit around the world, you’d think the mountains of Alps, the beautiful cul-de-sacs of France or even the extravagant lifestyle of Dubai. However, that list is incomplete without the expanse of Sri Lanka’s beauty. Its glittering beaches, swaying palm trees and soothing seas can entice any traveller, […]