Amsterdam with Vehicle: What to Check While Renting a Car

admin February 17, 2018

 In Amsterdam for fans of auto travel, the things are going not in the most appropriate way. The Dutch authorities transplanted the entire population of the Netherlands to bicycles. Nevertheless, we are not locals and we will consider the issue of a car from the point of view of a tourist who has come to […]


James Bond Island: Some Interesting Facts to Know

Danny White December 29, 2017

If you’ve seen the pictures of your friends or family members visiting Thailand, you may have seen them, possibly reserved in beachwear, against a backdrop of turquoise blue waters. Thailand offers several beautiful island sceneries, besides Coral Island, the others that most visitors land up on are the James Bond Island or Phi Phi Islands. […]

Visit Gibbs Lighthouse While You Are in Bermuda

admin November 16, 2017

Bermuda is not only famous for its ‘Triangle’, but there are several other destinations too which are quite dear to the tourists. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is one of the best tourist attractions at Bermuda which has historical background. Visiting a place that has a rich tradition makes you time travel and reach that golden era. […]


Backpacking in Sri Lanka – All You Need to Know

admin November 17, 2017

When you think of ultimate holiday destinations to visit around the world, you’d think the mountains of Alps, the beautiful cul-de-sacs of France or even the extravagant lifestyle of Dubai. However, that list is incomplete without the expanse of Sri Lanka’s beauty. Its glittering beaches, swaying palm trees and soothing seas can entice any traveller, […]