Clare Louise April 10, 2019

Travelling, one of the luxuries this generation composed mostly of millennials desire. During these times, travelling has become more of a priority for self-development as against buying that first car, acquiring that house and lot, or even raising a family. Truly, the quest for discovering the world has its benefit, but we wouldn’t want to exchange our security for it, right?Most of the time, it is safe to travel around the world, we just have to be fully aware of our destination know-hows and be wiser on where we spend our money.

Disclaimer:This is not intended to scare first-time travellers.Instead, we just want you to be prepared in case the worse comes to worst and for you to have enjoyable and memorable travel experience.

With that said, here arefour ofour essential travel safety tips you need to know to help lessen the odds of adversityin your next business or leisure travel. Let’s safely go!

Get insured

Most of us think that getting travel insurance is just an added bill out of our pocket. But sometimes, we cannot see its benefits until the need is in front of our very eyes. A popular quote says, “If you cannot afford travel insurance, you cannot afford to travel.”

Packages of these include coverage of medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage, personal liability, and trip cancellation or delays among others. Also, the type of coverage will depend on which country you are visiting, the itinerary, or the length of your trip. In addition, you would want to declare with your insurers whether you are travelling for a single, multiple, or even backpacking trips. If you are really concerned about your safety and your stuff while travelling, you can practically relax if you avail some good insurance.

Think about this. If you are insured when you travel, you would need not to worry on travelling with an expensive gadget, mobile, or laptop because if it is included in your coverage, stolen stuff during your trip can get replaced. Getting covered in during your trip is probably one of the top things to consider for first time or even seasoned travellers.

Be on Top of your Itinerary

Once you’ve got yourself covered, the next best thing to do is to make sure that you have laid your itinerary properly. This is essential to rid yourself of the hassle especially if you are the type who’s not much into details. In this age of exponential technological advancement, organizer apps are within the touch of our hands. On the day of your departure, get yourself updated with real-time information of your flight status to give yourself more time to accomplish things that matter. Apps such as Flightradar24 will help you with pieces of flight information such as Live Flight Status, Limited Enhanced 3D view, Registration of the aircraft, Mode-S Code of the aircraft, Ground Speed of the aircraft, GPS-Position of the aircraftand others. If you need a flight radar app, then this would easily suit you. It is free and downloadable for either iOS or Android users. Paid versions are available as well.

An additional safety tip on being on top of your itinerary is to keep your friends and family informed. We’re not saying to snap a picture of your boarding pass, passport, and other documents and upload them on Facebook or Instagram. That’s a big no-no! Instead, make sure to email one of your family member and a close friend details of your itinerary such as the length of your trip and when are you supposed to return so that when things get shaky, a helping hand will be there to notify local authorities or the embassy.

Stay on Low Profile Mode

Travelling doesn’t happen all the time. And for inexperienced travellers, it is a chance to flaunt or even dress up to the opportunity. When travelling to a foreign land, one useful safety tip is never ‘brag your wealth’ such that you will attract the attention of potential felons. It would be best to dress up according to the norms of the country you are visiting.

Because when travellers dress up and look like they’re from a place elsewhere, they are more susceptible to crime, so as much as you can, try to blend in by choosinginobtrusive clothing that wouldn’t get hot in the eyes. Be subtle when looking at maps or when approaching locals to ask for directions. Following these will serve as an indication that you respect local culture and customs. After all, we wouldn’t want to attract the attention of the wrong people.

Fewer Gadgets, Less Hassle

As we have said earlier, millennials are in for travelling and, they are so much tech-savvy that it is so tempting to bring every gadget that we think can be useful in our travels. In the case of travelling with electronics or gadgets, less is still more!

Decide whether that additional camera accessory or that huge DSLR is indispensable in your trip.  If you can go with your smartphone camera or keeping your gadgets to a minimum, then why not? Just bring a handy power bank that could get you through the day and a phone that can take awesome pictures plus getting yourself connected if you need to update your family or friends of your whereabouts.Again, walking around with bulky electronics does not just slow you down, it also makes you an easy target for locals looking to snatch them from you. Lastly, if you really need to bring those extra gadgets with, be sure to lock them up in your hotel and don’t bring them on the day’s trip to start with.