Danny White July 22, 2018

Everyone needs a vacation at some point, and leave all the work and everyday life behind. Vacations in different places require a lot of money which is difficult to cough up all the time.

If you want a cost-efficient vacation, then there are several spots awaiting your arrival. This way, you would not cross your budget and still be able to refresh your mind and body. Thus, apply for an international debit card with fast approval, dig in to a small portion of your savings and there you go!

Albufeira, Portugal

The best vacation is considered to be where you soak yourself in sunlight and spread your wings across the ocean’s surface. This is why southern Portugal’s Algarve region should be on the top of your list. This place has some of the best beaches and cuisines ever found. For residency, there are cheap apartment style hotels and inns. They’re comfortable and somewhat luxurious as well. They have more than a hundred restaurants, bars, clubs for you to explore. The food cost is also quite reasonable. Summer is the busiest time of the year which is why rates may go up, so take advantage of it being cheap in springtime.


Considered to be one of the most popular vacation and honeymoons spots, Thailand is expected to be very costly but fret not, Thailand is actually a cheaper yet finer place to visit. Along with the seaside, it has many sightseeing spots as well. The in-city travel expenses are quite low per day if if you opt for using their local buses which are actually very good. The less fancy, yet impressive rooms are quite low-cost. Even the food and drinks are at a very reasonable rate

Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of the most beautiful and cool places to be in the scorching summers, Dubrovnik in Croatia is definitely rated as one of the best. The city has old buildings and several historic spots such as buildings and monuments which are well preserved for the visitors to see. It’s a perfect day excursion when island hopping along the Adriatic coast. Be sure to check the stunning medieval fortresses, Lovrijenac and Bokar, which tower over Dubrovnik. The rent for rooms is quite low. Also, the food is inexpensive yet really good.         


Central Asia may not be as beautiful as the European and American regions, but it is a must visit place for people who wish to see true beauty in all its forms. Though it is not modernized much, it’s still an adventure to go through Uzbekistan’s culture and history. Their fresh cuisine is rated as some of the most delectable types of food ever. The residency is cheap; however, it may not be fancy instead simple and elegant.

Komodo Islands, Indonesia

The Komodo islands are one of the 7 new wonders of nature and they are located in Indonesia. The travel expenses would not dent your pocket and allow you to become one with nature. Komodo is the native home of the terrifying mini-Godzillas known as Komodo Dragons. To see the surrounding islands of Komodo, you go on an incredible boat tour that takes you to a tri-colored beach island and swim with wild manta rays. The accommodation and food expenses are very cheap as well.