Donald Phillips January 31, 2019

Switzerland is a beautiful country with picturesque mountains, breathtaking and serene villages, and scenic peaks of the Alps. Its cities have unique landmarks that are easily noticeable.

The country is popularly known for its hiking trails and ski resorts, delectable chocolate and good quality Swiss watches. Relocation is a huge decision for any individual and before they finally seal their decisions, they usually hold many deliberations with their loved ones.

Many people will tell you they have considered quitting their decision numerous times. Relocation to Switzerland, for instance, can present one with many fears especially about lifestyle and cultural differences.

Regardless of where you are relocating to, conducting extensive research is critical. Strive to understand their traditions and customs prior to moving. This way, you get to establish how it feels to live there.

If you are looking for enough reasons to convince you to live in Switzerland, read on to find out why you should prepare for your journey as soon as possible.  

  • Education

Switzerland is popularly known for its unique education systems, one that is recognized among the best in the world. If you are relocating with your family and have school going children, there are numerous international and public schools to choose from.

There are language schools as well where your children can learn the English language, especially for non-English speakers. Additionally, there are various institutions of higher learning in different regions across the country.

  • Work Opportunities

People relocate for various reasons with the main one being work. Whether they are getting transfers to work for their current company in a different country, or are in search of greener pastures, Switzerland is ideal for individuals who are looking to scale up their careers and earn better salaries.

Some of the thriving sectors in Switzerland include the insurance, banking, and finance sectors.

  • Healthcare

Life expectancy in Switzerland is quite high, 84 and 79 years for women and men respectively. This is a clear indication of their crisp healthcare system. The country laws demand that you register for healthcare insurance within a period of three months after relocating. This guarantees you high-quality care, reduced waiting times, and outstanding standards.

  • Sport

Are you a sports enthusiast? Switzerland is popular for both winter and outdoor sports activities which include snowboarding, skiing, and mountaineering. You can participate in any sports activity of your choice. Approximately 8 million international visitors visit the country annually especially to participate in various winter-related sports activities.

  • Environment

As mentioned in the beginning, Switzerland is a beautiful country with a magnificent environment. If you love strolling along the lake especially in the evenings for a relaxing breeze, the calm lakes of this country will give you an excellent scene to behold.

If you love the meandering silhouette of the mountains, you can be sure that relocation to Switzerland will be a dream come true for you and your family. Temperature her varies greatly in different regions with the Northern part being cooler while the Southern region is warmer.

  • Cleanliness

Switzerland has been listed among the cleanest countries across the globe according to a report released by the Environmental Performance Index. The country gives special emphasis on caring for the environment and maintaining high standards of hygiene. Of course, this would be interesting for people who desire to relocate to a country that is conscious about the environment.  

  • Diversity

Switzerland is a multinational country with close to 22% of the entire population comprising of temporary and resident foreign workers. There are four official languages spoken in Switzerland with English being the popularly used language.

This presents English speaking individuals with numerous opportunities to find work in English speaking establishments. Even then, learning an additional language comes in handy to help you adjust to living in the country with ease.


Many people relocate to Switzerland to give their families adequate security and improve their living standards. If you have been wondering whether relocating to the country is worthwhile, these reasons should be convincing enough.