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Looking to take a break? What better place to do it than ‘The City of Joy’ – Kolkata! With so many great activities and places that the capitol of West Bengal provides, you could never go wrong by making this your next destination on places to check out! It is a big city full of wonder, so you should definitely rent a bike online in Howrah, Kolkata and take a spin to explore all the crazy-cool stuff you can find here! Let’s get to it then shall we!

Get Striped in the Sundarbans

If you’re visiting Kolkata and haven’t yet decided on where to go, just close your eyes and choose The Sundarbans. A UNESCO World Heritage site and considered as one of the natural wonders of the world, The Sundarbans is an experience of a lifetime which also houses the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Revisit History at Victoria Memorial Palace

Built in the early 20th century, from 1906 to 1921, the Victoria Memorial Palace gives great insight into the history of its era. Making for a perfect tourist spot because of its amazing architecture style that is bathed in pristine marble, it is being planned to turn the Palace into a museum.

Stay Parked on Park Street

A shopper’s paradise, Park Street has evolved into so much since the days gone by. Park Street is one of those places that will somehow meet all your shopping needs.

Sanctify at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Beautifully structured and the oldest cathedral in The City of Joy, The St. Paul’s Cathedral is one splendid sight to see. And don’t even get started on the internals! With painted glass windows, this is one cathedral that will spiritualize your trip!

Say Howdy to Howrah

The iconic Howrah Bridge that stands tall might just be the best spot in Kolkata for that mesmerizing sunrise. A great place to spend time, especially if you’re spending it with your better half! Take a walk on this bridge for a great and memorable time.

Get Smart at Science City

One of the most fun things to do in Kolkata and it doesn’t even matter who you’re with, do try and visit Science City for some amazing insight and for a definite full on fun experience. It also happens to be the largest science city in the country!

Find Yourself at the Academy of Fine Arts

Enthusiastic about art and craft? Well the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata has got you covered. With a wide range of different and superb artistic elements, the exhibitions held here are truly inspiring and worth your while during your Kolkata trip. Located in Cathedral Road, you could rent a Activa or rent a Royal Enfield online in Kolkata and head over there with no worries at all.

Pose with your Idols at Mother’s Wax Museum

A wax museum of the purist form, Mother’s Wax Museum showcases brilliantly made wax sculptures of famous personalities and is the first Wax Museum set up in India. Built after the hype of Madame Tussauds museum, this is a great place to get comfy with your favourite stars and role models.

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