Danny White January 17, 2018

Bali is an island in Indonesia and has long been a tourist hotspot with tourist numbers increasing since the 1980’s.  People travel to Bali looking for relaxation, sunshine and the beaches and tourism alone makes up 80% of the island’s economy.  Last year it was voted by travellers as the number 1 destination to travel to in the world!

More recently, Bali has been attracting a different kind of tourist looking for adventure rather than relaxation alone.  The green town of Ubud which is located just an hour north of the airport has such wonderful landscape that it has allowed the development of the adventure holiday market.  The cooler air and pleasant climate is owed to the mountains that surround Ubud making it perfect for sightseeing, adventure and a culture overload.

There are simply so many ways to take full advantage of this adventure playground.  From cycling tours to exciting treks, canoeing and waterfall visits. For the adrenaline junkies, the Ayung River provides the perfect backdrop for whitewater rafting.  A 10 kilometre stretch and a 2 hour challenging yet appealing river course allows you to benefit from this experience whether you are a seasoned professional or an interested amateur.  Its beautifully clean waters amongst the lush tropical forest allows for a relaxing swim post adrenaline rush.

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For those searching for a healthy vacation the Bali Weight Loss or one of the many other detox retreats and resorts in Ubud and all over Bali might just be your thing. What’s more Cycling enthusiasts can cycle through the landscape in and around Ubud, with particular reference to the Bamboo Forest.  Here, cyclists can find several interesting villages to stop and rest while partaking in authentic Balinese village life.  Nature lovers will be  treated to the amazing views of the rice paddies staggering up the mountain side.

The terrain around Ubud is also perfect for fantastic treks through the forests and hikes up the surrounding hills in search of waterfalls and lakes.  Many visitors are visiting the area for canyoning experiences too.  The perfect mix of thrill and natural beauty, canyoning involves a host of outdoor skills such as swimming and abseiling.  A visit to The Monkey Forest is an absolute must:  a haven for the grey long tailed macaque who live here in their hundreds.  Visitors pay a fee which ensures the continuity of this community based program and protection of this species.  With more than 12 hectares of forest, good hiking shoes are recommended!

Ubud is also the culture capital of Bali and in between adventures there are temples to explore and mountainside villages to visit.  There is a fascinating local art scene and Ubud has attracted European artists since the 1930’s. Food is cheap and delicious and shopping is eclectic and adventurous in itself as you navigate through the narrow streets.  There is a little bit of everything in Ubud!