admin February 17, 2018

 In Amsterdam for fans of auto travel, the things are going not in the most appropriate way. The Dutch authorities transplanted the entire population of the Netherlands to bicycles.

Nevertheless, we are not locals and we will consider the issue of a car from the point of view of a tourist who has come to take a look at local attractions and other interesting things.

If you decide to rent a car in the Netherlands, it is better to order it online: it will be more convenient and cheaper.

Car rental services in the Netherlands are very popular: you can rent a car not only in major tourist centers, but also in provincial towns. The choice of companies-distributors is also quite large, these are the major international networks – Avis, Budget, Flizzr, Thrifty, Hertz, Europcar, and local offices – Stuur, Bo-Rent, DIKS, SternRent. The last ones cannot boast of a large number of offices, but they offer very favorable prices: you can rent a car for 10-15 euros per day, while the “best offers” of large companies are from 20-25 euros per day for rental.

Requirements for drivers and a package of documents in different companies can vary significantly, so these items should be paid attention in the first place, especially for young drivers. By tradition, local Amsterdam car rental services show the greatest loyalty: it is enough to have a passport, a credit card with sufficient funds for paying the pledge and a national driver’s license.

When you receive the machine, inspect it completely up to the discs, for damage in the form of scratches and other damages. Do not forget to check the spare wheel and ask what kind of fuel should be poured into the tank. In addition, ask to be instructed about the inclusion and use of all auto devices. Even if you are an experienced driver, the arrangement of the switches of the devices in all the machines is different and it is better to immediately ask what and how to do.

If you decided to apply to the car rental, then you have to take care of the parking place for the car. You may choose a hotel with parking (hotels with free parking are a rarity in Amsterdam and they are all located mostly on the outskirts of the city), or use parking services P + R. However, you, of course, can always use paid parking in the street, but with the price of 10 euros per hour, you sure will not leave the car for long.

It is necessary to pay attention to navigation. Of course, ideally, if you have your navigator, but if not, then it is better to rent a car with GPS, and to understand in advance how to use it correctly.

An important thing is to check the condition of the tires. If you are traveling in winter, look if the tires are in good condition and the surface is not worn out.

In addition, ask about how capacious the luggage compartment is – some machines are not designed to carry large loads. If you travel with family or there are 4-6 people, then the capacity of the trunk should be maximum.

Clarify the moment about departure to other countries. Mostly, it is regulated, for example, certain categories of cars are prohibited from traveling to Eastern Europe. If you decide to rent a car in another city or country, there will be a surcharge. When you enter many countries, you must pay a road tax, buy a so-called vignette.  Be attentive!