admin November 17, 2017

When you think of ultimate holiday destinations to visit around the world, you’d think the mountains of Alps, the beautiful cul-de-sacs of France or even the extravagant lifestyle of Dubai. However, that list is incomplete without the expanse of Sri Lanka’s beauty. Its glittering beaches, swaying palm trees and soothing seas can entice any traveller, and what better way of exploring the scenic Sri Lanka than to go on a backpacking trip!

If you’re planning a backpacker’s trip, here’s all you need to know about the great Sri Lankan expedition:

Best Time to Visit:

Unlike most travel spots around the world, Sri Lanka is an all-year holiday destination – although the monsoon can be a bit tricky to deal with for first timers. The best months to travel to Sri Lanka are the months of January to April and August to September. This transitional time between seasons is perfect for a Sri Lankan vacation.

Cost of Travelling:

The best part about travelling around Sri Lanka is that the cost of travel and living is very affordable. The prices may hike a bit for international tourists, but if you are planning a solo trip or a trip for two, it is advisable to book them independently and not through travel agencies. Sri Lanka hotel bookings are cheaper and more reliable if they are done through local portals or by direct contact.

While a meal in a restaurant may cost around LKR 750 (or approximately US$5) the travelling costs can vary from LKR 150 to LKR 750 (approximately US$1-$5), which is amazing! More importantly, a lot of Sri Lankan cities have affordable yet luxurious accommodations, and budget hotels in Nugegoda, Nuwara Eliya along with several other hotspots start from around LKR 1500 or 10 dollars!


Sri Lanka is known for two things: its copious consumption of rice and its love for curry. Traditional dishes include fish or meat curries with rice, lentil preparations and the Sri Lankan specialty called ‘Hoppers’. Hoppers are breakfast meals, and while the egg hopper consists of pancakes with egg in the middle, string hoppers are served with noodles and pita bread. Both are served with various types of curries. Complement that with ‘Arrack’, which is a unique wine made out of distilled palm tree spirits and if you want a non-alcoholic option, go for the ‘King Coconut Juice’!

What to Pack:

Now that you know what is in store for you, it is time to prepare for your Sri Lankan expedition. Here are few quick tips to get you going:

Have a nice handy backpack ready along with a small case for your cameras and gadgets;

Pack plenty of t-shirts and shorts as the humid weather will prevent you from wearing anything else apart from that;

Pack an extra set of batteries for your camera or GoPro, and do not forget to charge your power banks so that you do not lose out on your phone’s battery when you need it the most.

Now that you’ve covered all the basics, book your tickets and fly away to this little island that is a reflection of paradise.