Donald Phillips April 11, 2018

Canadian Halifax is distinguished by a rich marine history, connected with the winning location and status of one of the best natural harbors in the world. What can young people do in this wonderful place and where to go using car rental for 20 years old in Halifax?

Clock Tower

First, look at one of the most remarkable clocks here – the snow-white Clock Tower. Its dial is marked with Roman numerals, and for reasons of aesthetics, number 4 is depicted there not as IV, but as IIII. The clock tower in Halifax was built in the style of Palladio in 1800. The most interesting thing is that the tower consists of three levels, and on the uppermost part of the magnificent old clock is settled.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Then move to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, located on the historic promenade in the heart of Halifax. Also on site, there is a grocery and a small ship. If you ever are asked about the Titanic Museum, do not doubt, because it’s just about the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The museum has a showcase, which is entirely devoted to the Titanic. Many relics and a fragment of the famous staircase are stored here.

Citadel of Halifax (Fort George)

Moreover, car rental will help you to get to the Citadel of Halifax (Fort George). It is also a place that will be surely interesting for youth. It represents a classic fort in the form of a star, which today is declared a part of the national treasure of Canada. It is located on the top of the hill of the same name, and from the fort an ideal strategic view of the harbor was opened. Today, here is a museum and a small garrison, which is used mainly for ceremonies. Visiting the fort is obligatory, especially during the celebration of Canada Day (July 1).


Halifax embankment

One of the most pleasant places to walk in Halifax is, of course, an embankment with many historic buildings, shops and restaurants. There are various ships in the harbor, and from there, many excursion and boat tours start in summer. In particular, those who wish can go on an excursion to the floating amphibian “Harbor Hopper”.

You can simply hire a car in any car rental in Canada and go to Halifax and it’s surrounding, admiring the picturesque view.

Pier 21

Finally, pay attention to the Pier 21, which has recently become known as the National Museum of Immigration. This is a historical place, an analogue of the New York Island Ellis, through which millions of visitors once passed. Nowadays it is a modern museum with extensive exhibitions devoted to immigration.

Note that driver’s age must be above 21 years. Some offices will give you a car, even if the driver is 18 years old, but then prepare to pay a few euros a day. International Driver license will be required.

Must-Do in Halifax

In addition, we offer you 3 things must-do in Halifax:

  • Go to Peggis Cove to admire the iconic image of Scotland – the white Peggis Point lighthouse, established in 1868 – not to mention the stunning local landscapes and nature. The bay can be reached more quickly when you use car rental in Halifax – it is just over 40 km from the city.
  • See in the harbor smiling Theodore Tagbooth in his red cap – one of the corvettes of the Second World War.
  • Visit the oldest mobile farmer market Siporte. The market is located on the waterfront, in a new building on Marginal Road, and is open all year round.