Donald Phillips January 5, 2018

Bulgaria is a perfect place to spend your long-awaited holiday. Large ranges of tourist spots have made Bulgaria a one-stop destination for travelers. However, you should properly know about the important aspects and especially in terms of costs. If you want to know about the closest airport to sunny beach, then you can go through the internet resources. Some of the typical costs that are involved with Bulgaria traveling are as follows:

Accommodation: The price of hostel dorms start from approximately 15 BGN per night as well as average approximately 19 BGN a night all around the country whenever privates average approximately 52 BGN for a double room. Most of the hostels are featured with breakfast, WiFi, and linens in the price. The price range of an appropriate budget hotel room along with a private bathroom starts around 42 BGN. At the particular price range or 2-star hotels usually offer free WiFi along with that, many of them provide free breakfast. 

Food: A traveler can purchase a hamburger for approximately 2.5 BGN or can have a Mac menu for the price of 9 BGN. In case, you want to have something more local, you can try banica (prepared with dough, cheese, and butter) for only 1.5 BGN, banitza for 1 BGN (it is a breakfast food) as well as some shopska salata for 5 BGN (it is a Bulgarian twist belonged to the classic Greek salad) etc.

Lots of street pavilions are there, where you can purchase a kebab for approximately 5.5 BGN. A large number of places are there, from where you can purchase a pizza slice for a dollar or less.  A good and hearty meal along with a drink at a decent restaurant is can be ranged from 15-30 BGN. Groceries are approximately 70 BGN per week for fundamental groceries, such as vegetables, chicken, pasta along with other basic foodstuffs.

Transportation: If you want to travel throughout the country, choose to travel by buses instead of trains. Train travel is the cheapest as well as slowest mean traveling from one city to another in Bulgaria. To know about the closest airport to sunny beach, you can ask a travel agent. For travelers, a train ride from Sofia to Burgas will cost 11 BGN, however, the ride can take 7-11 hours long duration based on the train type.

For more information on a travel budget, you need to contact a prominent travel agent.