Donald Phillips March 11, 2019

Like most things in the city of sin there are so many options at your disposal that you can become easily overwhelmed with all the choices. There are hundreds of restaurants, bars, casinos and even helicopter tours in the Las Vegas area. While deciding on where to eat for the night isn’t a huge decision, what company and area of the Grand Canyon you decide to visit is. The stakes for this decision get even higher if you will be paying for a large party of people to go.

With that in mind there is a certain kind of procedure you should be following in order to find the best helicopter tour in Las Vegas. Below we will be exploring some of the steps you should be taking.

Ask around

When you are looking for a new service no matter what kind it is, the best way to get started is to ask around. This may include your families and friends or even posting on forums. You should be able to get a decent amount of recommendations on what areas of the Grand Canyon you should visit and what companies to go with. It is important to note that recommendations shouldn’t be the sole reason for your decision. There are many different providers out there so it is recommended that you use these suggestions as a start.

Additionally you should be asking more questions rather than what company did you go with and was it good? Try asking things like did they have a shuttle provided, how long did it go for, what was the cost per person, would you say it was worth your money? These are the questions that you can’t really ask a company owner as they are subjective to the person’s experience.

Do some digging

As we mentioned previously, after you have some recommendations you need to go out and do your own research to ensure that the decision that you make is the right one. There are many different providers of helicopter tours in Las Vegas on the strip as well. If you don’t like talking to someone however and would prefer to review multiple sources individually you can always take advantage of their online services. Many helicopter tour companies in Las Vegas will have their own website so it is easier for tourists to book in advance. Due to peak periods it is common for the time and date that you want to take the helicopter tour in Las Vegas.

With that in mind if you start your search early not only could you get the time and date that you want but you could also score a reduced fair. When looking online be sure to take a close look at the websites of each of the helicopter tour companies in Las Vegas. How they operate their website is usually a good indication into how professional their service is.

Additionally look at their respective social media accounts as well. Social media is a great platform for all businesses to interact with their consumer base and you will be able to see how the company running the helicopter tour in Las Vegas interacts with their clients both past and future. Look for a provider that likes to post pictures of people’s past experiences and is quick to respond to reviews. Bad reviews happen and while they should always be taken with a grain of salt, look to see how the provider tries to rectify the situation.

Have a conversation with them

The last step before you make your final decision should be to have a conversation with them. This allows you to clear the air about any questions you may have as well as the company running the helicopter tour in Las Vegas to give you all of the perks of choosing them. As there is a lot of competition for helicopter tours in Las Vegas you will find that you have all of the negotiating power and that you need to use it to your advantage. Some common and useful questions to ask during this period include;

  • How long does the experience last for?
  • What are the operating times?
  • Do you have a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport?
  • How much are the tickets?
  • What areas of the Grand Canyon do you operate in?
  • How many people are going to be on board?
  • What is your maximum amount of people per trip?

While you will find that the company will try to talk your ear off about all of their perks, be sure to ask some questions of your own. This is as much as an opportunity to understand the experience for you as it is for them to sell it to you.