admin October 9, 2017

If you are a foodie and you live in Montreal, then it is a match made in heaven. Montreal is known for its incredibly diverse and ever-evolving food scene. It is the fusion of various cultures that have given the place a unique and wonderful culinary style.

You will find restaurants specializing only in international cuisine and there are some that serve authentic local delicacies. You will also find places like Restaurant Sinclair that serve both. A large number of restaurants in any city can be both a blessing as well as intimidating. This is because if you are resident of the city you know the exact place to try a particular cuisine, but for someone who is a stranger to the city, it can be overwhelming.

There are some things that are very peculiar of Montreal and knowing that will make you feel connected to the city. If you have some prior knowledge of the iconic cuisines, you will feel at home.

When in the city, you should definitely try the signature Quebecois dish called poutine. You might be from any part of the world and your staple cuisine will be available in Montreal, but you should definitely try the local flavor of the place. It is basically French fries and cheese curds that are drenched in gravy. There are many variations to this dish as meat, cheese and sausages can be added to it.

The other not-to-miss dish when you visit a restaurant in Montreal is traditional bagels and smoked meat. Originally it is not a local flavor and has come from Europe, but it is adopted by the Montreal locals in such a way that now it is a fundamental part of their local cuisine.

Another thing that can take a first timer by surprise is BYOW or “Apportez votre vin”. It means “Bring Your Own Wine.” At many restaurants in the city, you can take along the wine that you would like to have with your meals. They just charge corkage fee per bottle from you. Those visiting the city for the first time find it very different, but it is a very common practice in Montreal.

Montreal is a food heaven and you should definitely make the best of the place if you are there.