Danny White May 7, 2018

Meandering down the Qatar shore is an experience worth remembering, which of course cannot be missed when you visit the state of Qatar. The beauty of dhow cruise is enhanced with fascinating and spellbinding lights in the Qatar along with belly dancing and some musical extravaganza with dhow cruise dinner Qatar and the beverages of your choice at your disposition.

You can encounter and enjoy an unforgettable trip with the dhow cruise of qatar! Sail to a delightful experience and you will be able to witness the authentic Bedouin life, when you drift down along the magisterial sea aboard along with an veritable wooden and ornamental dhow. Feel the hospitality and feel happy by participating in various water sports like swimming and snorkling or you can just view the busy and lovely land Enjoy an unforgettable and enchanting day in your life with our Qatar dhow cruise! Sail and witness the traditional Bedouin life, as you glide down the majestic sea aboard on an authentic wooden and decorated dhow. Feel the warm hospitality which will welcome you and become happy by doing different water activities like snorkeling and swimming or simply viewing the busy but lovely land of Doha. While touring in the city, you will get to enjoy the jaw-dropping sceans of the place and a resplendent buffet for satisfying the appetite. A satisfying good lunch or dinner on the board along with an excellent comfortable relaxation for you on the islands of Al Saflia . The dhow cruise of qatar is indeed truly  the most relaxing and enjoyable activity you will have while you are in Doha. Before traveling , our staff will look into the safety and guide the guests about their safety.

Dine in reminiscence when cruise by the historic cruising in the moon show of Qatar. Its a marvelous feeling to experience in the old town in Al Bastakiya and witnessing the traditional native abras whizzing by, while you enjoy dhow cruise with bbq dinner doha on your brightly lighted dhow. It is indeed the best method of indulgence in enjoying with your loved ones and relaxing.

The Corniche in doha is waterfront avenue extending for about seven kilometers by the bay of Doha which is in the capital city, Doha which is in the state Qatar.

If you are looking for a dhow boat Doha cruise, you can depend on our team for a charter. Our team is having the reputation and responsibility to provide you with the best services. By choosing our team you can get yourself served the better than many other concerns.We shall provide you with the required packages at low rates with best services.

Some of the information regarding the tour are given below.

The tour comprises of,

  • travelling aboard on a wooden dhow which has the capacity to hold 45 – 50 persons.
  • Bathroom is also available onboard
  • Safety measures and equipments required for the guests safety are also taken care of.
  • Sound system along with stereo system are also available to mesmerize you with pleasant music.
  • freshly cooked and served barbeque lunch and dinner are available; also soft drinks and clean and fresh water.

The transportation cost is not included.

Our company also provides rental cars for the desert safari. The drivers and tour guide provided are only the experienced ones. You shall get reasonable rates with satisfying service. The team provides for various tour programs and packages from which you can select the package of your choice according to your budget. The team tries to provide you with the best of the experiences in Qatar.