Danny White July 3, 2018

Goa has some of the most incredible places to visit by tourists every year. This is not only the best place for tourists but also for honeymoon couples who come here throughout the year. The weather and the temperature of the place make it the most ideal location for travelers from all around the world. There are a number of tourist places in Goa that makes it an ideal location for all kinds of people and of all age. One can try and visit all the beautiful places in Goa and try different kinds of activities and sports while also paying a visit to the lush green nature and enjoying sightseeing. There are a number of ideal locations for honeymoon couples to visit here. The beautiful weather and the wonderful freshness can make anyone feel lively.

Reason for visit Goa

Here let’s discuss about the reasons on why you should visit Goa.

Beaches (of course): Goa has a wide range of beaches sand each of them is well known for its uniqueness. Though the ones in north are the most astounding places to visit yet they are well known by tourists for their attractiveness. These places are gaining popularity day by day and are turning out to be the best choice for holiday tours and travels

Water sports:water sports are very common in Goa. Each and every beach offers different kinds of outdoor activities. You won’t be disappointed if you are visiting Goa for an adventurous trip.

Food: Goa is famous for different variety of food including prawns, fish steaks, and other kinds of sea foods. The freshness of sea foods makes it a definite delicious cuisine choice available. The lip smacking dishes are really wonderful to try.

Best time to visit GOA

The best time to visit Goa is all throughout the year. This is the time when Goa travelers carry outdoor activities like fishing, diving, camping, cycling, gliding and scuba diving, trekking. There are a number of activities to try in Goa so do not miss visiting Goa for all such kind of activities.

Major Attractions of Goa

Goa forts

There are a number of forts in Goa. There are a number of forts along the coast of Goa while a few lie within the place. These forts one built for enemy protection are now standing as historical specimens.

Goa beaches

Goa beach is an ideal holiday destination to visit. The place is famous for its beaches. This place is more crowded and well known amping tourists.

Goa temples

Goa has a nice population and a number of temples. The architecture of temples is wonderful with different use of stones and was built of different styles.

Churches of old Goa

The churches and magnificent churches are large legacy of colonization and have a number of display of wood, stone, gold and other ancient workmanship.

Dudhsagar waterfalls

This beautiful waterfall gets its name from the foam created due to the gushing rate of water. This location is wonderful spot for honeymoon travelers to visit.

Bondla wildlife sanctuary

This place is close to the small town of usgao and lies at the junction of three places. If you are looking for a change in the beautiful city then make it a point to visit this place.

Mayem Lake

This is one of the famous spot in go and is the most popular tourist spot. It is well known for all kinds of sight seeing tours. This is a great place for visiting by honeymoon travelers.

Museum of Christian art

This museum is famous for its uniqueness and is one of a kind located in the city. You should surely consider visiting this place otherwise it shall be a great miss.

Spice gardens

Spice gardens is a must visit place for tourists all over the world. This garden is well known for its beauty and nature. It is a wonderful place to forget the world and enjoy nature.