Donald Phillips January 20, 2018

The Maldives is a very popular spot in Asia. It is a perfect location to get the break and relax, you will fall in with its beautiful weather, and beaches, and resorts, beaches are the main attraction here. So if you planning to visit the Maldives and skeptical about the time then I will let you know about the peak season to visit the Maldives.  In the peak seasons of Maldives either there will be no rainfall or very scarce rainfall will occur.

There are two reasons to visit the Maldives

As a tropical monsoon climate, Maldives has two seasons one is dry season and the other is the wet season. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages; it totally depends on what your purpose is. So if you are looking for Honeymoon or scuba diving, the place has the seasons to offer you both. In the dry season, you will experience the little rain and less humidity atmospheric condition.

In the wet season the temperature of the water is less, than a normal. It is the lowest country in the world; it is standing altitude of 5 feet above the sea level.  You will be amazed at seeing the beauty of Maldives. The beautiful beaches, perfect weather to dive and greenery all around will make your tour memorable. In the peak season, you will see the people of different races.  Best time to visit Maldives is throughout the year but there is some advantage of visiting the Maldives in its peak seasons.

Peak Seasons

December, January, February, March, and April are the main months where people come to visit this place to explore the beauty of the Maldives.  You can plan your tour anywhere from December to April because it is a peak season and the Best time to visit the Maldives.

Don’t worry if you are busy in December to April. There is another season which you can consider to travel the Maldives. It is starting from the month of May, June, July and the last month of the season would be August.

The Maldives is crowded throughout the year; people from all around the world come to explore the beaches and nature. If you are going in dry season then don’t forget to take sunscreen with you. I will suggest you do some research a place where you are going to land and stay in the Maldives because there are lots of beaches and resorts there.