Sheri Croll January 25, 2018

 Our world is an amazing place to be at. Spanning through the different, continents, countries and cities there remain interesting people and places to see. No one is amazed at it than the person who likes to travel. The modern age has bestowed the helping of GPS navigation and maps in Smartphones. But travel maps are still used where there is not much technological advancement. The maps are a sign of the place the person is visiting and also of all the treasure that it holds. Travellers often have booklets that contain their maps. But other than that they can make use of a goal map to remind them of the places that are still left to see.

What can be the new Travel Map?

A map on the wall with places to visit will always motivate people. They can cross of places that they have always visited. It is fun and also will be an interesting piece each time someplace is crossed of the map. The company Scratch Map has revolutionized this idea of commemorating travel and they have introduced special maps. The idea was brought about by Luckiest of London in 2009 and since then the maps have been coveted by the public.

The maps have a foil surface which is meant to be scratched to reveal the place one has visited. There are several types of maps like the Scratch Map Deluxe, Scratch Map Clear and many other versions that they have introduced over the year. For the people who are enthusiastic about eating they have made the Gourmet Scratch Map of Europe. They have also made travel sized editions of their map so that people can carry it along on their journey.

The original map was meant to be a poster and it is found in different versions including an XL version. But along the years the maps have progressed and so have the designs. The maps are made accurate to usual maps and they also have geographical facts mentioned on them. They are great for geographers or other people whose job deals with the world.

So, with the specialized maps, one can surely look forward to seeing more of the world. But with uncovering places they can feel the excitement of having been on a journey of experience. The maps can be easily bought from their website and they even have framed maps. The scratch maps are an essential piece for any adventurer touring the world.