Danny White December 29, 2017

If you’ve seen the pictures of your friends or family members visiting Thailand, you may have seen them, possibly reserved in beachwear, against a backdrop of turquoise blue waters. Thailand offers several beautiful island sceneries, besides Coral Island, the others that most visitors land up on are the James Bond Island or Phi Phi Islands. In fact, these two are the most apparent choices for tourist visiting Phuket or Krabi. One can discover the island with the amazing James Bond Island Tours. The tour package or day trip will offer you a great opportunity to explore the wonderful lagoon and paths by the kayaking or canoeing.

Facts of the Island

  • It Has Got A Real Name: The local name for the James Bond Island is Khao Phing Kan, but it got the nickname after Roger Moore as James Bond in the movie called The man with the golden gun landed here seeking the Solex Agitator, a device that outfit sunlight based vitality to dangerous effect.
  • A Limestone Rock: James Bond Island is situated within the Phang Nga Bay, which clearly clarifies its limestone make. The island is 20 meters tall, 8 meters at the top and with a diameter of 4 meters at the bottom. Made of limestone tower karsts, the James Bond Island is believed to have formed about 250 million years ago. The rock island is found 40 meters from the coastline of one of the two main islands of Khao Phing Kan.

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Highlighting Features of the Island

  • James Bond Island is of one of the most renowned islands in the world
  • Learn more about the local legends behind the James Bond Island
  • Tourist can enjoy (1) sea canoeing or (2) just relax by the white sand beach during your tour to James Bond Island
  • Marvel at the emerald green crystal clear water and feed the fishes on the island
  • Enjoy the luxury boat and a delicious Local lunch during tour to James Bond Island