Clare Louise June 7, 2018

While planning for a trip over the weekend or for a monthly vacation, packing is pivotal. You will be left with utter disappointment once you forget to take an essential thing and then you will be forced to scramble through the nearest store to get that thing. On the other hand, you pack too much and you will not only become disorganized but you will also be overburdened with mammoth-sized bags and end up losing your dollars while paying baggage fees.

Although there are luggage stores like which let keep your luggage for an hour or two, yet you should try your best to pack only the necessary things so that you don’t get bogged down due to the weight. Here are few tips to follow.

#1: Make a list of packing items

Are you worried about whether or not you’ve left something important back at home? Is it your toothbrush or passport or your favorite cosy teddy bear? If you wish to avoid this hassle of forgetting things and again having to get back to bring them, you should write down a list of the things that you would like to take. Fill it up with holiday essentials and you will also get enough space to add few personal things.

#2: Avert having stains on your clothes

Did you ever pack clothes of light color only to find out that they have stains on them once you arrived back at your destination? You first need to ensure that all the light-colored clothes are folded inside out. You can also take the disposable shower caps and ask utilize them to cover the shoes’ base.

#3: Practice vacuum packing or pack in a roll

Would you want to arrive at your travel destination and then be subject to a heap of ironing? If you wish to avoid having creased clothes and save space, you should roll the clothes rather than folding them. Once it is done, place them in vacuum compression bags, seal them and squeeze out the air. You can get more space in your suitcase and you can bid goodbye to creased clothes.

#4: Fill in the dead spaces

As long as packing your luggage is concerned, you have to use up the little inch of suitcase space which is possible for you. Roll down the underwear, socks, tops and other small things and stuff them inside your shoes so that there is no dead space left available.

#5: Weigh your luggage

If you wish to avoid those extra baggage fees, you have to weigh your luggage before leaving. If you think you’re close to the limit, wear few of the heavier items so that you can cut down on space. Don’t carry heavy toiletries as they take up too much space.

Therefore, now that you’re sure about the tips to follow while packing your luggage, you will definitely be able to take the best foot forward. Bear in mind these tips and have a happy trip.