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The capital of the Netherlands is very dynamic and adapts to all profiles. Amsterdam is a living city. It is a big city, but it is made up of a number of small authentic villages that give a lot of character to the old town. When you are shopping in Amsterdam it includes the upscale neighborhoods of the South of the city, the Albert Cuyp Market and a very trendy city center. Amsterdam meets the needs of every resident or visitor who comes to shop.

The main places to shop:

  • 9 Streets

The “9 straatjes” is the name of a recreation base with small, picturesque and friendly streets, which lie between “Raadhuisstraat” and “Leidsestraat”. There you will find vintage shops, alternative fashion boutiques and many other shops.

  • PC Hooftstraat or “OudZuid

PC Hooftstraat is located in the museum district and is home to major haute couture designers such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermès and Louis Vuitton. If you can afford to buy in this street, you will also enjoy shopping in the district of “OudZuid”, it is one of the most beautiful residential districts of Amsterdam and you will be able to find shops classy for men, women and children as well as shops of very beautiful memories.

  • Nieuwedijk / Kalverstraat

These two streets are connected to each other, representing one kilometer of shops where you can shop for hours. It is the ideal place for shopping until exhaustion. You will find all the big clothing stores like Zara and H & M.


  • Albert Cuyp Market

It is an open air market with 260 stands. Albert Cuyp is the most prestigious in the Netherlands, with a laid-back atmosphere typical of Amsterdam.

  • Flower market

The flower market on the “Singel” offers a colorful set of displays with all kinds of flowers in the countryside.

Department stores and shopping centers:

  • Magna Plaza

The Magna Plaza is a shopping center that houses a set of shops ranging from Mango to Sissy Boy.

  • Bijenkorf

The Bijenkorf is the most beautiful store in the Netherlands. It is located on the famous Dam Square. The Bijenkorf comprises six levels filled with luxury goods.

  • Kalvertoren

On the Kalve straat, the Kalvertoren shopping center is home to 45 shops.


For library rats, Amsterdam is a paradise. You can find very original bookstores that offer an incredible selection of books from all periods and from all over the world. Most of these bookstores can be found at Spuiplein. The largest bookstore called “Scheltema” has four floors and has books that are mostly in English. Located you can at “Koningsplein 20”


In the area called “Spiegelkwartier” you will find a large number of antique and art galleries.This area is in the “Spiegelgracht and NieuweSpiegelstraat”.

Sex Shops:

You will find many sex shops in the red light district. Here you will find everything that can be associated with sex. The newest and most original vibrators with sexy outfits, movies, sex toys and other items that you do not even know existed!

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