Clare Louise August 28, 2018

Colonial Williamsburg is a popular tourist destination in Virginia for history buffs and casual vacationers alike. It is a living history museum where skilled and dedicated costumed actors live and portray life as it was in 18th century America, for the rich and poor alike, as well as free citizens, slaves, black, white and native American. Visitors can gain a wealth of understanding and appreciation for American history as they tour the restored, reconstructed and historically accurate buildings in the area.

For the full Colonial Williamsburg experience, you should be willing to explore all aspects of the historic district. As the capital of the largest English colony in America, Williamsburg was an important location for many pivotal events in American history. It witnessed two major wars—the Revolutionary War and the Civil War—slavery, the building of the city on top of ancient native American Indian burial grounds, and several tragedies and disasters. The city has a dark and mysterious side, which you can fully explore when you book a Colonial Ghost Tour.

Colonial ghost tours are popular in Williamsburg because of its rich history, which some say makes it especially susceptible to paranormal activity. Colonial Ghosts is arguably the best ghost tour of Colonial Williamsburg. Every night, licensed, knowledgeable and engaging tour guides lead visitors through the historic streets and buildings of the district, sharing interesting facts and chilling ghost stories that would make your hair stand on end. Each story is based on extensive research and credible eyewitness accounts—these sightings and events really took place in Colonial Williamsburg.

For a more traditional experience of the famed district, be sure to fully explore the Historic Area, which includes the George Wythe and Peyton Randolph houses, the Anderson Blacksmith Shop and Public Armoury, and the Governor’s palace. You can learn so much about the ideas that helped shape the American Revolution, and even take part in discussions yourself. You will also see for yourself what daily life was like in a typical household during that time, for both free and enslaved household members.

Some fun activities you can do include helping brickmakers make bricks, getting your hands dirty in the Colonial Garden, and enjoy a leisurely ride through the Historic Area in a horse-drawn carriage. You can watch as skilled gunsmiths, milliners and weavers go about their work, or take part in a court session and see how justice was served in the 18th century.

To make the most of your visit to Colonial Williamsburg, be sure to stay in one of the hotels near the Historic Area that offer authentic, 18th-century style accommodations, such as the Colonial Houses, or the Williamsburg Inn, which combines elegant Regency with convenient modern amenities. Be sure also to dine at one of several taverns in the area, where they serve food that was popular in the 18th century, including delicious seafood dishes and crab cakes.

When visiting Colonial Williamsburg, be prepared to learn. Pay attention and keep your mind open to new ideas and experiences, and your stay is sure to be an enlightening and unforgettable one.