Clare Louise January 3, 2019

A mountain climber’s Adventureland, the Republic of Equador boasts a number of challenging peaks to choose from. And that’s only one of the reasons to visit this South American republic. Others include delicious cuisine, historical gems, and great surfing beaches, all equally diverse and inviting.

But if you’re here for climbing, look no further than these five peaks.

  1. Chimborazo

Chimborazo tours are among the most popular attractions in Ecuador and for a good reason. At 6,310m high, this massive glacier-encrusted peak is reserved for experienced and well-acclimatized climbers. It takes no less than ten days of acclimation, so make sure to arrive early and armed with patience.

  1. Cotopaxi

Equador’s tallest active volcano, Cotopaxi is located inside the Cotopaxi National Park which is a two-hour drive away from Quito. Though it’s possible to climb Cotopaxi with little or no experience, beware the altitude, snow, and steep ascent if you haven’t got enough time to properly acclimate.

  1. Cayambe

Cayambe is the third highest peak in Ecuador, at 5,790m, and is, therefore, the third most popular choice of experienced mountaineers. Ecuadorians don’t see as many people climbing this top as it happens with other mountains, but there’s still a lot to explore here and see from the Cayambe’s top.

  1. Antisana

Offering a climbing experience that is unlike any other in Ecuador, Antisana is a difficult top to reach. Most importantly, it requires glacier climbing skills, due to its proximity to the Andes and the accompanying Amazon-basin weather. But because of that, Antisana is a fully immersive winter’s tale.

  1. El Altar

An equally impressive scenery can be experienced from El Altar’s 5,319m high top, though this extinct volcano is sadly the least accessible on our list. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be conquered, and qualified guides still lead ascents there. It’s not called the gem of technical climbing for nothing.

Speaking of technical difficulty, let’s stress one important thing.

Whichever of the Ecuadorian peaks you choose to conquer, pay attention to the altitude. Experienced mountaineers and climbers don’t recommend climbing these tops without any acclimation period. And, for most of these peaks, this means that you need to come to Ecuador at least ten days earlier.

That said, the Republic of Ecuador is one of the most amazing mountain climbing places on Earth. Picturesque views, top-notch guides, and challenging routes all contribute to its unique climbing experience, which cannot be found anywhere else. If you are a thrill-seeker, you know what to do.