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New Orleans is regarded as America’s food Mecca. Food is not only good but historic. You can book food tour New Orleans to taste century old recipes. Travelers will discover that their heart will yearn for more. Below are some of the best New Orleans food recipes.

Alligator au Sherry

New Orleans swamps are full of alligators, so you can see them on the menus. There are restaurants that serve seasoned alligator bisque laced with sherry. It is a rich stew including small alligator pieces.

Bread pudding

With food tours New Orleans guests can enjoy the popular dessert. It is basically a European recipe. At Commanders Palace in New Orleans, bread pudding is whipped in light soufflé. It is served on the table with warm whiskey cream on the side.


Acadians brought Beignets from Canada, when they migrated to New Orleans. It is a simple dessert including square dough pieces fried first and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Café Du Monde is a popular place serving Beignets, since 1862. It is always crowded during daytime but at night, you can grab a seat.

Café Brûlot Diabolique

It means devilishly burned coffee. Antoine’s is an old family run restaurant in the US, where Café Brûlot Diabolique was created. It is a traditional after dinner drink, which became popular during alcohol prohibition. This beverage is prepared on the table in a large bowl and served in narrow cups [specially designed] that hold the smell.

In demitasse cups there are sugar cubes rubbed with lemon & orange rinds. Cloves, lemon & orange rinds, cinnamon sticks, and brandy get placed in a chafing dish are heated and flamed. This mixture is added in hot coffee and ladled into demitasse cups.

Crawfish Etouffee

Crawfish is found in Louisiana swamps. If you enjoy seafood then try Crawfish etouffee at New Orleans food tour events. It is a thick roux served with rice.


Jambalaya originates from Africa and Spanish. It is a rice dish, which includes chicken, sausage, seafood, onions, pepper, tomatoes, etc. Jambalaya in New Orleans is very spicy.


Italians brought Muffaletta to New Orleans. Mufalletta large sandwich is made from large brown flat bread split in half and stuffed with meat, olive salad, and cheese. The richness of the stuffing makes it zesty.

New Orleans food tour package will allow you to dine with locals and enjoy talking about their culture, architecture and history.