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The P1 Visa is one designated for circus artists, entertainers and athletes coming to the United States temporarily for performing in a specific event or competition. An athlete wishing to stay in the US for a longer period should apply for an O1 VisaE

Specialty US Visa

This P1 is a special US Visa only for athletes (or entertainers) and coaches as well as staff for support. You can apply for a P1 Visa if you are:

  • An internationally known athletic team or athletic wanting to enter the US in order to subsidize or compete in an event of international standing;
  • Entertainer or entertainment group documented as outstanding, and planning to perform in the United States (single event or tour);
  • Coaching staff and support personnel of the above.

P1 Visa Details


The length of time for this type of Visa is normally based on the performance or schedule of competition. The max allowable stay is up to 5 years, but this can be prolonged up to a max of 10 years.

  • P1 holders can perform for prize money or payment.
  • They may start study part-time while in the United States.
  • They can travel freely both inside and outside the US while the Visa is valid.


Spouse as well as minor children may accompany or visit under a P4 Visa;

  • Dependents on P4 Visa may not work;
  • The holder P1 might have several employers, sponsors and other sources of revenue, provided the petition is available from an agent (agent-based petition).
  • Employers might be US based or foreign, but they must have a contract with the Visa beneficiary;

USCIS might require proof that the P1 applicant keeps a foreign residence to which they intend to return.

Online Visas

Online Visas have a track record that is long in safeguarding P1 Visas for athletes over a range of sports. If you are thinking about applying for this type of P1 Visa, please contact us to organise your personal Visa strategy session with an immigration attorney. The session will not take long and the attorney will take care of all details.