Donald Phillips March 21, 2018

Los Angeles has a pleasant weather all around the year. It also displays diversity in culture and food. Besides, there are many other reasons to visit Los Angeles.

For the beaches

LA has more than 70 miles of beautiful coastline. Venice Beach and Santa Monica shores are populated with tourists. Few prefer more secluded and demure beaches near Malibu. LA food tour includes worthy Rockaway beach trip, which serves incredible fish tacos.

For live theater

Nightlife entertainments are many, even pickiest critic gets pleased. The Wallis Annenberg Center, Mark taper Forum, and The Geffen Playhouse are traditional theater spots.

Broadway and indie theatre shows go around in exciting venue around Hollywood. Immersive theater scene in Los Angeles is very enchanting, which is scattered all around the city in secret locations.

For food

Food tours Los Angeles drives you to fine dining spots helmed by popular chefs like the Providence, Spago and Melisse. A trendy outpost like Salazar serves amazing shrimp quesadilla. Hidden backyard gems like Dona Mary serves excellent Mexican delicacy. For hip spots try Same-Same for Thai or Hot Food for different kinds of fried rice.

Every week there is a new restaurant opening, it means the food scene is consistently evolving like your palate. Click LA food tours to know more about foodie scene.

For hiking

There is no need to leave LA for hiking. Griffith Park is a land spread around more than 4000 acres situated in the middle of NYC. It has numerous trails and entertaining opportunities.

For more urban kind of hike there are staircases scattered, which allows to sweat without diving deep in nature. Malibu State Park, Eaton Canyon, Angeles national park, and many other natural regions are best places for hikers looking for remote experience.

For cocktails

In NY there are numerous cocktail lounges. Food tour website will display a list of the best gin joints included in their package like the Faith & Flower, The Varnish, Salt’s Cure, etc. Some bars like Idle hour, Slipper Clutch specialize in draft cocktails.