Donald Phillips May 20, 2019

South Beach has a reputation as a mecca for celebs, partiers, and the beach-obsessed. What’s a nature-loving tree hugger to do? Plenty, actually!

Everyone comes to South Beach to have fun. Unfortunately for some, however, the vibe can be a bit… well, beachy. But look hard enough and you’ll find that South Beach has something to offer everyone who visits. Even treehuggers! Here are 3 spots in South Beach where treehuggers will feel right at home, too.

1. South Beach Miami South Pointe Park

At the end of South Beach Miami is South Pointe Park, one of the best places in South Beach to hang out outdoors. There’s Sunshine Pier here, and a jetty made of boulders that you can walk out on if you trust your ankles. The end of the beach here at the mile-long jetty is sometimes quieter and makes for a more peaceful South Beach experience. If you curl around the sidewalk that parallels the beach, at the point where the beach ends, you can walk north along Government Cut.

The high-rise condos here at South Pointe Park must have the most interesting views in all of South Beach Miami because they overlook Government Cut. This is where all the ships come into the Port of Miami, the main thoroughfare for a very very busy port!

At any given moment you might see a city-block-sized cruise ship heading out to sea, accompanied by the coast guard out of the channel, or giant freighters from all over the world carrying who knows what in large containers. For anyone interested in ships, this is the mecca, since they pass by all day long. There are even restrooms here, and two observation towers, as volleyball nets. There’s a fountain area near the base of the condos, and the famous steakhouse Smith and Wollensky is right here facing Government Cut as well.

2. South Beach Miami Lummus Park

Lummus Park is actually a beach, but not just any beach. It’s the main stretch of beach that fronts the ocean in South Beach Miami. Extending from 5th Street to 15th Street, Lummus Park is the center of it all in South Beach Miami. With the trendiest and busiest nightclubs, cafes restaurants, and hotels facing Lummus Park, it’s the place to be, day or night, in South Beach Miami. Even for treehuggers, who won’t be able to resist the energy.

Lummus Park is where you’ll find the famous multi-colored lifeguard stations that for some are the symbol of South Beach Miami, and which are the subject of countless photographs. Palm trees offer shelter for the sun-weary, and a boardwalk offers an easy walkway for those who want to move from one part of South Beach Miami to another. Hotels facing Lummus Park often have their cafes or outdoor dining facing the beach, so guests can sip and dine and watch the world go by. Or, they can enjoy the view of Lummus Park from their private balconies, hundreds of which look out onto the beach and the ocean beyond.

There’s also a children’s play area in the center, and showers on the boardwalk so you can rinse off the salt and sand before you leave the park and enter the streets of South Beach Miami, or head back to your hotel. The wide sidewalk accommodates in-line skaters, the elderly population who come out to the beach mostly in the morning, posers, strutters, vacationers, and everyone else who makes Lummus Park their destination for the moment.

Lummus Park in South Beach Miami is named after John and James Lummus, who, believe it or not, ran a plantation here at the turn of the century (the last one). Today, it’s home to famous and ever-growing outdoor concerts with the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, video shoots, TV production, and you name it. This is South Beach Miami at its best!

3. South Beach Miami Islands

If you drove to South Beach Miami from Miami International Airport, you probably got to South Beach via the MacArthur Causeway. This is the stretch of road that takes drivers over the water from Miami to the strip of land known as Miami Beach. Jutting off the MacArthur Causeway are several small islands, which may have caught your eye because of the unbelievably fabulous luxury homes lining the shores.

You may not have seen the extravagant homes, however, because they may have been obscured by the even more fabulous yachts pulled up to the docks alongside the mansions. Yes, these islands off the MacArthur Causeway are homes to the rich and famous. You can actually take a left turn off the MacArthur Causeway and drive onto the islands for a look around if you want. There are three of them: Palm Island, Hibiscus Island and Star Island. Al Capone lived here in the 1920s and this is where Gloria Estefan lives now.

So there it is — plenty to do in South Beach for nature lovers who don’t care all that much about the beach. Live it up, treehuggers, you only live once!

Author: Captain Damon grew up in south Florida and makes his living on the water. He is the owner of FKF Charters and runs boat trips for visitors year round.