Clare Louise September 28, 2018

The Condor Hotel is located in Williamsburg at Brooklyn and it is a premium and affordable hotel which has been designed in the form of an inviting oasis. This hotel is one of the most unique ones among the Brooklyn hotels for both business and leisure travelers. Anyone else who is looking forward to corporate lodging as well can find respite by booking his stay at the Condor Hotel. The best part about this hotel is that the guests are warmly greeted with a broad smile and they provide you with the best sense of ethics.

With its refined environment, this boutique hotel in Brooklyn has got a rather serene character and their rooms echo a sense of serenity which lies unmatched with all other boutique hotels in the area. Moreover, they have PlushDreams bed, upscale decor and soothing guest amenities which can take your breath away.

Their concept of design

If you take a close look at their designing of their interiors, you will see that they have tried their level best to continue with the soothing decor in their Living Room and Garden, which are the 2 calmest areas for meeting with new friends, socializing with one another or with other guests whom you meet. Such elements consist of the entire Condor experience. They are of the belief that life is in details, it consist of a series of moments, which keep contributing to the total experience. They nurture a mission where they make sure that the time that you spend at Condor Hotel is filled with indulgent moments. Guests should be able to enjoy the ‘Condor’ moment which are the results of spontaneous and planned interactions with guests.

Their best amenities at the Brooklyn boutique hotels

Let’s take a quick look at the best features of a Brooklyn hotel which makes the guests keep coming back for more.

  • Well-manicured garden: They have perfectly manicured gardens which offer an urban backdrop. They have designed a sitting area for individuals and guests are blesses with enough discretion and privacy.
  • Refreshments: Are you looking forward to taking refreshment breaks every now and then? You can visit the Front desk of Condor and enjoy their freshly baked cookies and also gourmet coffee with a wide range of free of charge services and lemonade as well.
  • Living Room: You can relax, unwind, socialize, meet with new people in the living room, where you will and computer for access of guests 24/7.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about whether or not to book your stay at the boutique hotels in Brooklyn, you should definitely book your stay at the Condor Hotel to reap the above listed benefits.