Donald Phillips October 25, 2018

Airplanes are the best place for one to disconnect from chaos and their hectic life schedule and find peace. Long hour flights enable a person to sit down at a place and think about all those stuff which he or she generally cannot pay attention to in the day-to-day life. Long hour flights can either be relaxing and comforting to some as they can catch a right amount of sleep and rest whereas for some long hour flights are incredibly annoying as they don’t get to do anything rather than sitting at one place. Also, no one would sleep all their time at a long hour flight.

Here are some tips and things to absolutely do whenever you are caught in a long hour flight.

Write a letter – As one gets so much of free time at a long-distance flight, it can be best utilised to write long, heartfelt letters to their loved ones. Letters have been replaced by Electronic mails over the time, but its significance cannot be matched by the mails and is a perfect gift for your admirers.

Answer your email – Long hour flights gives you plenty of time to pack up your pending work which includes your email inbox. It consists of hundreds of unread emails which can be quickly cleared or replied when your airplane has an in-flight WIFI system. All the flights don’t have this service, but you can look for such services at great offers on

Play a game- Due to the massive amount of free time in a flight one can easily pay attention to games as it entertains and draws your attention from boredom. Also, you can make pretty good levels and scores at the game to save your time in the future after the flight.

Watch a movie – Airplanes are the best place to complete an unfinished film or to complete a whole full series. It never disturbs you and allows total concentration and is very good entertainment.

Learn to meditate- Some people tend to get nauseous or horrified in flights. For them, it is best advisable to meditate in the plane as it lowers your anxiety and calms you down. Meditating in the flight also keeps you relaxed and composed throughout the journey.

Stay hydrated – It is one of the most important things to be done when you are in a long hour flight. People often don’t drink water or any fluid to avoid the need to go the restroom. However, they should understand that it is essential to keep yourself hydrated on a journey to avoid any problem.

Eat healthy snacks- One should avoid eating fast foods or beverages as they can cause a problem in the digestion. One should eat healthy and right meals to prevent any metabolism related problem.

Pack well your medicines – This is as important as keeping yourself hydrated in a flight. The person who is taking a long hour flight or multiple flights should ensure that they are perfectly healthy to take the journey and should pack their medications well if they have fluctuating blood sugar levels or blood pressure or any other problem. They should be responsible for their health and should be very careful at their medications.

Write something- Alone and free time leaves you in a zone where you have thoughts and ideas which you can put down on paper. For writers and novelists, flights are a great place to get ideas and inspirations to start up what could be a fantastic article or a short story. The only advice would be, carry a pen and paper.

Socialize – One can also socialise to the person sitting next to them. Talking and making friends in-flight can also draw one’s attention and brings a sense of belongingness. Also, one cannot stay mum or quiet for the whole journey.

Make a list- As there is plenty of time given to you, one can make a to-do-list or make plans of how and when they have to do what work. It adds management to work and also enhances the work quality of the person. Even, he or she can plan their outings and utilise their free time for relaxation.

Take photographs-The sky is a beautiful place to see.  Long hour flights can trigger the inside photographer within you, and the clouds and stars can be your beautiful models. You can take great photographs of the clouds and the views outside and can post it on your social media pages.