admin October 27, 2017

With all of the advancements in technology that have made air travel so much cheaper and more practical, more and more companies are requiring their employees to travel, and more often. It can be nice to get away sometimes, but it can also be draining when you feel like you spend as much time on the road or in airports as you do at home. If you want to travel with less stress, more money, and more time, here are some ideas we’ve compiled together over years of combined experience that we think will be helpful for you.

  • Under All Circumstances, Always Have You Business Travel Bag Packed and Ready to Go
    • Go to your favorite luggage supply store and look for a small carry on and garment bag. Get a couple nice formal outfits from Bloomingdale’s and maybe one pair of versatile shoes from Nine West that will always be packed. When you get home wash everything, get your formal wear dry cleaned, and pack it back up, ready to go. Have plenty of business cards and other promotional tools made up before you leave and keep them in a side pocket. This way you’ll never be without a way to present yourself when it matters the most.
      • Buy travel toiletries.  

Although hotels will provide the basics, we always suggest taking your own toiletries with you. Check the TSA carry on regulations and requirements and find something that suits you. They have size restrictions so make sure it isn’t too big. Also it needs to be 100% transparent.

      • Do laundry

When you go on a business trip for a longer period of time, don’t compensate by taking more stuff. Instead, just do laundry once or twice while you are there. You can easily find a laundromat nearby to do it on the cheap, or have the hotel take care of it for you for convenience.

  • Book in Advance and Bundle to Save Money
    • Check all the popular discount travel websites for special promos and deals. A lot of these sites will let you set low fare notifications to email you when there are good prices.
      • Bundle car, hotel, flight.

Another feature these sites offer that helps to save time and money is bundle discounts. You can save when you make your flight, rental car, and hotel all in one reservation. It also helps to make things easier and less stressful for you upon arrival.

Since you are required to travel for work, almost everything will be covered as a work expense. This means you can make reservations in your name, collect the points and loyalty rewards and the company will still pay for the necessities. We suggest finding a hotel you prefer, rental car company you like, and airline you always fly on and sign up for their rewards programs. You can save these points up while working and then use them to save yourself money when you finally get to take a personal vacation.