Donald Phillips August 20, 2018

Every country is famous for sightseeing places that might even play the role of a trademark. If you are eager to get to know what places you can visit in the Northeast of the USA, then read this article. It will make sure that your trip there will be unforgettable.

We will start from places to visit in Massachusetts:

Who is not curious about how and when the USA was founded? However, at will be happy to help with this issue for you. And if you really are interested, then you must visit the Freedom Trail. It is one of the most interesting places to visit in Massachusetts. You can also join various guides and have fun enjoying the excursions. Or, if you prefer, have a tour on your own.


When we start talking about the United States, the first thing that comes to mind is amusement parks. Despite the huge number of those in the USA, the Hersheypark is considered to be one of the best parks. So, when you are visiting Pennsylvania, you must not forget about it!

Eastern State Penitentiary is pretty uncommon, since it is a prison. Nevertheless, it attracts as many tourists as all the other places, so you also wouldn’t want to miss it. Just imagine walking down the haunted corridors of the prison, having a chance to try the role of a prisoner by visiting the prison cells. Breathtaking!

New York

The best view of New York City can be achieved by visiting the Top of the Rock Observation Deck.

Another of the top tourist attractions in the US is the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), which will be really great for art lovers. Apart from the vast number of collections, the museum also offers the service not provided by any other museums – absolutely free guide tours for visitors.

New England

Those who are in love with nature and enjoy observing the sunset and the starry sky should visit Cadillac Mountain. Apart from the fact that it provides the unforgettable view, it is also the highest northeastern point of the country. What is more, you should visit Flume Gorge, which is one of the top tourist attractions in the US. Its mystic forest and beautiful waterfalls won’t leave you emotionless.


Of course, there are places to visit for those who are in love with art. For those who enjoy reading, the most pleasant spot will be Mark Twain’s house. Indeed, what can be better than trying to live the life of a famous author, walking the halls he walked, and looking at the view he looked at while creating his masterpieces….

Undoubtedly, there are many more tourist attractions in the Northeast of the country, but this article contains those that can’t be missed. Hopefully, our list will help you plan your vacation if you decide to take a tour through this part of the US.