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More than half a million tourists from around the world make their way to Barbados each year. Some come to stay at the all-inclusive resorts or book one of the luxurious barbados rental homes while others are here for the adventure. Whichever type of tourist you are, this island offers everything from tropical beaches, delicious food to immersion in a unique culture. If this is your first time, here are a few tips you should know before landing in Bridgetown.

Expect Barbados to be Pricey

For decades, Barbados has been a playground for the rich and famous. British holidaymakers tend to travel and spend an absolute fortune on the very highest level of luxury for their trip to this Caribbean island. And tourists from around the world tend to follow suit too. For this reason, the cost of living is much higher than you might expect. Eating out will be at a similar or slightly more than back at home.

Make the Most of the All-Inclusive

This may or may not apply to you. Some tourists want to take a holiday where they can spend most of their time relaxing around the pool or on the beach. And when they do, they like to have everything readily available at the resort. Barbados houses several all-inclusive resorts dotted around the island with most having their own section of beach. When you consider the high cost of eating out on the island, it might not cost that much more to go to the resort where all the food and drinks are provided. But at the same time, it might not. The island does have several resorts that are worth the cost.

Stay Safe

Compared to other islands in the Caribbean, Barbados is a relatively safe travel destination. Violent crime is a fraction of what it is in nearby Jamaica or Central America. But that doesn’t mean tourists should become complacent. Barbados suffers from petty crime aimed at what they perceive to be wealthy foreigners. Most of the time, if you’re staying at the resort, you shouldn’t face any problems. After all, most have armed security guards patrolling and protecting their grounds. But if you do go out, make sure you use common sense and leave the valuables in the safe and don’t go walking in dark places at night.

Driving in Barbados

Some tourists who want to have an adventure will rent a car as soon as they arrive on the island. This is a good idea,and it gives you the freedom to explore everything at your own pace. Driving around the perimeter of the island is achievable too,and you’ll be rewarded with incredible views unseen by most tourists. But, just beware that the road conditions aren’t the best, especially when you get into more rural areas. Expect potholes and poor quality tarmac as you drive around the country.

If You Do Rent a Car, Don’t Pay for GPS

The island is relatively small,and despite the lack of street signs in some parts, it’s quite easy to get around. Those with a map of Barbados shouldn’t have too many difficulties finding their way around. Some of the car rental companies will try the upsell for a premium GPS package,but most of the time it’s not worth the extra cost. As an alternative, you could always get a local number with a data package and access GPS on your phone. This will probably be much cheaper than going through the rental agency,and it gives you access to the Internet whenever you might need it.

If You Don’t Want to Drive, Use the Bus

The bus is the only type of public transport in Barbados. There are two types: One isstate-owned and the other private. Both are cheap and will take you from one place to the next without any difficulty. The locals speak English,and you should have no problems telling the driver where you want to go. And if in doubt, asksomeone.

Play a Round of Golf

Did you know that Barbados has a reputation for being a haven for golf fans around the world? If you do and are a fan of the sport yourself, you might have the opportunity to tee off in some of the world’s most beautiful courses. There are a quite a few to choose from on different parts of the island. Some are part of a resort which gives you a chance to have a golfing holiday and others are privately owned. Do a quick search online and find the best golf courses and plan to spend at least an afternoon playing a round or two. And because of the vast number of rich and famous who descend on the island, you never know who you might bump into.

Explore the Island

Unless you really want to relax on the beach, every tourist should try to see more of the island. From its colonial heritage to attractive gardens and waterfalls, Barbados has a lot to offer away from the beach and theCaribbean Sea. Head to the centre and hike to hidden waterfalls or take a road trip to another part of the island. Having the chance to see and experience more of the local culture and sights should be a priority for every visitor.

The Best Travel Tips

Having an idea of what to expect before turning up gives you the chance to prepare for the reality. This not only has the advantage of making your dream holiday more smooth and convenient but it also enables visitors to have a more fulfilling experience.