Sheri Croll December 5, 2017

 Different people look to different things out of their vacations.  Some people just want to relax and hide away from the rest of the world, while others want to immerse themselves in a new environment and make a new adventure. We all just want to relax and recharge during a holiday, getting away from our regular daily grind and stepping into a world that pampers to us.  However you picture your ideal vacation, a luxury villa rental will make your ideals into reality.

Getting a luxury vacation rental allows you to live in complete luxury throughout your entire holiday trip.  Whether it is a home, a villa, condo, cabin, or mansion, these vacation rentals come with all the basic amenities you’ve come to expect from a rental but also include some unexpected surprises, like private swimming pool, personal chef, chauffeur, home theater system, and sprawling landscaped gardens. When booking through sites like Villaway, they also include a 24-hour concierge service to pamper to your every whim, whether you need a last-minute facial before a big night, a deep tissue massage, or a personal tour guide for the historic and famous local sites.  These getaways also give you VIP access to the hottest night life of the city.  A villa rental in Los Angeles is the best option for a luxury retreat for you and your family when traveling.

Hotels are limited in rooms and privacy.  While suites can put several people together, a luxury vacation rental often has eight or more sprawling rooms, so you and your friends and family can all stay close but with plenty of privacy from the outside world (and from each other when needed).  It is just you and your traveling companions, enjoying the full property, indoors and outside, as a security is also included in the rental, allowing you to relax and know that the outside world cannot bother you.

So book that luxury rental, relax, and let yourself be pampered.