admin November 16, 2017

Bermuda is not only famous for its ‘Triangle’, but there are several other destinations too which are quite dear to the tourists. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is one of the best tourist attractions at Bermuda which has historical background. Visiting a place that has a rich tradition makes you time travel and reach that golden era. Gibbs Lighthouse started its job from 1st May, 1846 when it reflects its beam by using kerosene. This light helped the seafarers used to sail on right direction. Nowadays this is run in electricity.

Location of Gibbs Lighthouse

This lighthouse was built next to the Signal Station on Gibbs Hill. In those days, this was operated by the British Army. How does the lighthouse get its name? Actually, in 1700, the family of seafaring men was the owner of Signal Station and they, later, occupied the lighthouse. At that time, they used to roam on the sea without the help of this warning light. When they occupied the lighthouse, it was named after their family name. The hill, where the lighthouse was built, is 245 feet high. The entire lighthouse is 117 feet long, from the base to the light.

Present Upgradation

Initially, the light of the lighthouse was run of kerosene. Later, it was modified when electricity was invented. The present lens was installed in the year 1904. For many years, the mechanism of the lighthouse and that of a grandfather’s clock is almost equal. It was the year 1964 when new and advanced electrical equipment were installed and now, the machinery works automatically. Today, a diesel generator has also been installed to the lighthouse that can supply power continuously to the lighthouse even during power failure.

If you are planning to visit Bermuda, include this lighthouse on your list of sightseeing. Enjoy your trip with something historical.