Donald Phillips March 17, 2018

 These days it is not difficult to find flights. But, Skyscanner is very helpful to compare different deals and pick one that is best suitable to you. Many guests prefer to flight direct. When there is no direct flight guest want shortest route with shortest waiting hours.  Few guests want to spend a night in the stop-over destination and explore two or more countries on a single trip.

If you are seriously planning a holiday you may already know where is Maldives located and how to get there from your country. But a lot of guests find it difficult to select an atoll or island for the holiday. Guests often ask several questions.

  • What is the best resort in Maldives?
  • Where is this island located and how long it takes to get there?
  • Which is the best atoll for snorkeling?

These are just a few questions, the list long. Honestly, I do not blame them for having too many questions. After all there are 1200 islands in the Maldives. If you have never visited Maldives before you do not understand the geography, culture and transportation system in the Maldives. The tiny Indian Ocean country is comprised of 99% water, the remaining 1% of land is shattered to 1200 pieces of land that is scattered over a large area of sea.

Transportation within the Maldives is quite sophisticated. Seaplanes are the most common mode of transfer for guests. There are about 10 domestic airports, but seaplane can land at almost every island, so that is very convenient. Domestic flight requires some waiting hours in the terminal and boat transfer to resort after flying to domestic airport. Resorts that are close to Male’ often can travel by speedboat. Almost all resort website includes airport transfer information that tells every type of transfer offered by that particular resort. Now you know how to get there.

According to Maldives Map Org the following are the best resorts in the Maldives at present.

  1. Velaa Private Island
  2. Gili Lankanfushi Maldives
  3. Mirihi Island Resort

These are the top 3 resorts based on guest reviews. All are 5 star resorts. Velaa Private Island and Gili Lankanfushi are ultra-luxury resorts that serve to richest people on earth. Velaa is located in Noonu Atoll, Gili Lankanfushi in Male’ Atoll and Mirihi is in Ari Atoll. If you want a less costly island below are top 4 star resorts.

  1. Diamonds Athuruga
  2. Vakarufalhi Island Resort
  3. Kuramathi Island Resort

Athuruga and Vakarufalhi are located in South Ari Atoll; Kuramathi is in North Ari Atoll.