Clare Louise August 16, 2018

Everyone is just getting fascinated by Bergen, but why? Undoubtedly, Norway is a great place to visit. Your journey should ideally start from Oslo and end at Bergen. If you are someone who is getting obsessed with the idea of visiting Bergen after seeing some breathtaking pictures on Instagram, then do not blame Instagram, you should visit Bergen instead to find out what makes this place so enticing.

Let’s look at the things to do in Bergen so that you can plan accordingly and allocate enough resources and get prepared mentally to enjoy the roller coaster ride through the length and breadth of the city.

Things to do in Bergen:

Take A Funicular Ride to Fløyen: You must take a Funicular ride which is a small cart train that runs up and down in every fifteen minutes. On the ride up to the Mount Fløyen, you can explore the city from the top. Unquestionably, that is mouthing otherworldly.

Explore the lake-top: If you are someone who loves the idea of solitude and loves the novel “hundred years of solitude” then you must take a ride up to the lake. If you happen to find it frozen, then just sit beside the lake and explore the loneliness of the vast space. It might look like a cool place for sliding but you should never venture into it without proper knowledge; in fact, you should find some snow piles.

Historic walking tour: If you have ever looked at the pictures of Bergen on the web, you must have encountered those colorful houses that face the wharf of this city. In fact, they date back to the Hanseatic League’s trading empire and have been burnt quite a few times. However, last time they were built in 1955. This area is known as Bryggen and has been preserved as World Heritage Site.

Ferry tour to Fjord: Without touring Fjord in Norway, your tour will be incomplete. You should always take the ferry to the fjord if it is not snowing. The views are mesmerizing and captivating. So, make sure that you visit the fjords.

Taste the wine: You should and must visit local bars and pubs to explore the nightlife. You are surely going to find some good company in the bar. Of course, you are likely to encounter convivial native people. Apparently, a glass of wine in an exotic bar must be on the menu.

Find the right tour provider:

Undoubtedly, there are millions of things to do in Bergen but for that, you must find a tour provider that understands the culture and can guide you through the city. By searching on Google and reading some testimonials, you will be able to find one such tour provider.

So, make sure that you do your homework and find the best service provider that can offer you a cost-friendly tour. Ultimately, you should also consider improving your knowledge about the city so that you can explore it in a better way. Hence, make certain that you gather information and learn about the city.

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